Your Talent. Your Reward.
Do you and/or your group have a talent or a skill that can be transformed into an entertaining podcast, short film, online training course, webinar meeting, or other digital product? If yes, then we would love to hear your idea. Let's see if we can help you turn it into additional income, boost fundraising or generate business revenue.

Finish & Get Paid: We are all about making timely payments as soon as your project is completed. This helps you get paid for your efforts while supporting yourself ,your cause and community.
Project Planning & Creation: Once we approve your idea, we'll work with you to create a complete plan of action to finish your project on time and achieve your fundraising/income goals. 
Easy Project Approval Process: You don’t need to reach out with an entire project. It could just be an "idea" in the draft phase. Our project team will quickly review it and contact you if it's a fit.
Why Partner With ULiveUSA?
Creators from the Eastern Panhandle & The Four-State Area Who Want to Make A Difference (While Getting Paid)!

ULiveUSA is all about promoting local residents, artists, freelancers, nonprofit fundraising and small business owners to create digital products, campaigns, and promotions that can be enjoyed throughout the community.
With us, you get to keep your creative side alive without ever having to worry about financing the project.

Get Paid To Create Digital Content In The Four-State.
Create Content In Your Community!
Have An Idea? We’ll Pay You To